q: when will my order arrive?
a: after i have closed the shop, i will pack and ship orders within 3-5 days and you should receive them within 5-7 days of me shipping.

q: why is shipping so expensive?
a: shipping costs include not only the cost of shipping but also the various shipping materials including bubble wrap, newspaper, and extra reinforcement to protect your piece from breaking in transit.

q: mine order arrived broken. :( can i get a refund?
a: i'm sorry but i cannot refund orders after i've shipped them. i am only a single artist who sells their work, not a company that can brace the loss. my materials, time and effort was put into that piece and cannot be recovered.

q: i accidentally broke my piece/ it broke in shipping. how can i fix it?
a: i recommend you use either epoxy kintsugi kits or real urushi lacquer kintsugi kits. epoxy is cheaper but is not food-safe. urushi lacquer (true kintsugi) will guarantee longevity and restore the function to your piece.